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Brand Concept

"SLOWDANCE Ryoko Nagano" is the wardrobe specially prepared for contemporary women who are busy with a lot of things to do. Main feature of our collection includes sort of taste of lingerie and room wear designed with a high quality of materials originally from Japan and excellently tailored for relaxing atmosphere and feminine feeling.
In this connection, you may not only be able to feel yourself always as if you were at home but also experience a feeling of being dressed up !!
I wish from the bottom of my heart that every woman can live her life any time and anywhere as she wishes it to be by wearing our "SLOWDANCE Ryoko Nagano" .

Designer Profile

Designer: Ryoko Nagano, a graduate of business administration from a university in Tokyo and learned fashion designing at a professional institute.
Worked for several Japanese apparel companies as an assistant designer and a designer in chief since 1997.
After that, she worked for prestigious shops as a designer and a buyer.
In 2009, she founded her own designing office and launched the brand of "SLOWDANCE Ryoko Nagano" Continued participation in exhibitions with her seasonal new collections since Autumn-winter Collection in 2009.
Now supplying select shops in Japan and also those in Hong Kong.

Company Profile

Company name:
R. Drawing Room
President & Designer:
Ryoko Nagano
Office address:
#504, 3-20-10 Higashimukoujima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 131-0032 Japan
Phone & Fax: